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I’m a Standard Poodle, but don’t let that name fool you. I’m a running, chewing machine. I can run with the best of them, and one bark from me is enough to send a professional burgler running. I don’t wear no  stinkin’ poodle haircuts. My master likes to let it get long, then he trims it himself. I’m  pretty tall, but skinny and light at only 28 kgs. My favorite thing is stealing other dogs’ balls, then not giving them back. If it’s a soft ball, I’ll chew it and eat it right up. I like  people a lot too, and like to jump on them to test them. When I was a puppy, I chewed everything  I could. I still like to steal Dad’s slipper when he’s gone out. I like it in Japan, but the dogs here are weird. They don’t like to play so much and hardly ever get off their leashes, cause they’re bad and don’t come back when they’re called. I always come back when I’m called. Well, usually I do...


Boy, was I ever cute when I was young!


I was cute when I was a teenager too!

Mom likes to dress me up.

My favorite thing is running around chasing cats and balls.

I love snow!

This is  my best friend Tony, and his master, Simba!


Oh I love running in the woods.

I look good with a piano in the picture!

Me and Simba wading up the creek

This is me at 4 years old now.

Here I am with my buddy Karl, a young Great Dane that my master walks sometimes.

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