Laube Litening Cordless #804 Clipper Review - by Jim Davis

I finally received my clipper today. First impressions were a bit disappointing. The clipper looks a bit cheap for a $400 clipper. Secondly, the charger does not sit flat with a battery in the top of it, but rather wires with a plug come from the charger box and plugs into the battery. Not as convenient but perhaps as good. It kind of looks like a thrown together unit.

The Package:
I should mention that the carrying case falls in half immediately upon opening, not a good feature, and it makes the case useless for use as an actual carrying case. In short, it will likely end up at the landfill site. Inside, the components are basically lying loosely, able to bump and bang against each other. Some kind of padding, hold downs, or partitions in the case should have been provided for shipping. Again, it appears to be a rather hastily thrown together unit without much testing or thought. However, the unit does appear very tough and so it has survived it's trip OK.
laube litening clipper

The Instructions:
Now my big beef is with the instructions. The instructions are extremely simple and two sides of one sheet of paper. Mostly, the instructions deal with the dangers of charging batteries. So the first thing I want to do, is to put one battery on charge. However, the instructions do not show or mention a battery type like mine. I therefore am left to guess as to the switch position while charging. It looks like a change from two switches to one with three positions has been made, but the instructions have not been updated.

I reread the instructions several times but still I am not certain if the switch should be off or in the high speed position for charging. I tried it in the off position. After a half hour nothing seemed to be happening so I tried it in the high speed position. This seemed to work after a half hour the charge light was now orange. So much for the instructions. Note: I have since found that it charges just fine with the switch off...

The Clipper:
On to the unit itself. I tried removing the blade first and found that I couldn't get the blade back on the clipper. The instructions do say that the clipper will be tight to fit blades on for awhile and to oil the hinge and move it several times to loosen it up. I did that and after playing with the blade on and off a few times I found that the blade will go on but with a mighty press. OK, let's just hope that it loosens up because my petite wife will not be able to change blades the way it is now. Note: The Laube blades are a very tight fit due to their extra tensioning guides. After some use, it is easier to put all blades on the clipper. The Laube blade was very tight at first.

The one battery that comes in the clipper is charged and so I test the unit out with the #10 blade that comes with the unit. This clipper really wails. I mean the blade really flies on high speed, and on low speed it's about like a normal high speed clipper. I clipped my Standard's face and neck. Wow, that was quick and efficent clipping! The clipper feels light and ergonomically good in my hand. The switch though is recessed and a bit awkward to operate, although I guess it will not inadvertently change positions while clipping, something that is likely a good thing.
laube litening clipper

I put the #3 3/4 skiptooth blade on and tried some long matted poodle body hair as you can see in the above photo. Using high speed, the clipper mowed through this hair with ease. Again I say, this clipper rocks. It simply makes short work of tough cutting jobs on high speed, and on low speed clips faces and feet with ease. The clipper does not get hot, nor does the blade. I love this clipper already, even with poor instructions and case, the clipper itself is excellent.

-clipper goes through heavy matted hair with ease
-clipper does not get hot
-clipper comes with two lithium batteries that charge quickly and clip for a long time
-clipper comes with a spare lever and grease

-high price
-poor instructions
-useless carrying case
-lacks a blade brush or oil in the kit

Final Thoughts:
I always hated the cord on my Oster A5 dual speed, and that clipper got too hot to use after a short time clipping heavy hair. I found that most people say their cordless clippers can’t replace their corded clipper, but are useful for some work. I wanted a strong enough clipper to replace my corded clipper completely. I found one in the Laube Litening Cordless Clipper. It was also important to me that a cordless not use NiCad batteries which have memory and are a pain to properly charge and take care off. This Laube clipper uses high quality Lithium batteries which have no memory and can be charged at any time, even if only partially discharged.

Andis makes a nice cordless which I looked into but I found most users agreed that it just doesn’t have the power for a full time clipping solution. Also, it costs almost as much as the Laube but uses NiCad batteries.

I bought my clipper from Karla at She is a respected Ebay seller and will go out of her way to please you with service and good prices. You can check out her stuff at the webpage below, and tell her I sent you!

Forfex Miniclipper

I bought this wonderful looking little clipper for $29.95 at a barber supply house. At first I was very pleased with it. It cuts short like a #40 blade, does not nick skin, and is very quiet and long running on it’s internal rechargeable battery. It also comes with combs.
forfex mini clipper
Unfortunately, after only a few uses, it refused to charge. After taking it apart and trying to determine why it was not charging, I thought that the transformer was putting out too high a voltage. However, after a couple of months and trying again, it worked again for a short while then refused to charge again, reason unknown. This unit is German designed but made in China. I can only advise you to stay away from it. I am not happy and can’t recommend it to anyone.

Update. After giving up on this clipper, a year or more later I was throwing out an old cellphone and took the batteries out. I decided to solder one into this clipper and it took a charge and is still working. So I guess the battery that came with it had a problem.

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