The Pet Shop Renovation

The old shop was a barber shop many years ago which had been unused for some time due to the barber’s retirement. After the barber died, we took over the house and I started ripping out lumber and doors. That is of course, after all the barbershop equipment was out and disposed of.

First some early shots before my work on the shop was begun. You can see some of the wall panels were already torn out. This is because of a termite problem and is the reason why the ceiling is also missing.IMG_8018IMG_8017


















For a the cold winter months the shop was handy for storing things and working on my bike and other projects. Now that the weather has warmed up, we have a handle on the rest of the house, and my bike is done, it’s time to get the shop done.

Here is a photo from the kitchen at the rear of the house looking to the front. Beyond the piano is the shop. The floor level of the shop is about 10 inches lower than the rest of the house and with a concrete floor.
from the kitchen
You can see on the left where I’ve ripped out the half wall from kitchen to the dining/living room. Straight ahead used to be the sliding doors which are going in the wall behind the piano. To the right is a large opening to the hallway which also used to be sliding doors. I have removed the top headers for these doors which I used to bang my head on regularly.

Here is a photo from the dining/living room showing the cutouts I made for sliding glass french doors on the left, and a pair of small french half doors in the smaller opening to the right.
from livingroom

And here is a photo over the top of the piano showing the inside of the shop and the front door and window. As you can see, we have to move out a few things from the shop. Right now, it’s a workshop.
over the piano

This photo is from the front door of the shop showing the back side of the piano where the sliding french doors will go. On the left you can see the large sliding doors, and below the left opening you can see the smaller half doors. This will be the backwall of the shop and can be closed up or opened as we like. The idea is to get light into the livingroom and provide a more open area.
shop rear

Next I will place a beam across the large opening and put in the sliding door top and bottom wood pieces. The small half doors are almost ready to mount after I get some hinges and plane off their sides. Then the shop walls will be covered with wood panelling which will get wallpapered along with the rest of the shop. The piano unfortunately has to go. We will likely contact a piano company and see if they want it. We just don’t have room for it, and besides I have a lovely electric piano too.

updates coming fast and furious now, stay tuned for more photos...

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